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Last Updated December 13, 2023

Modern Combat 5 apk is a 2014 first-character shooter developed by using game-loft Bucharest and published by means of game loft. It’s far the 5th installment of the contemporary fight series and the sequel to modern combat 4: zero hour. It become released on July 24, 2014 for ios, android, windows smartphone eight, windows 8.1 and blackberry 10. It’s miles the primary sport in the modern combat collection to head completely free-to-play on all platforms besides for blackberry 10, a feature added in an update. It’s also the primary recreation in the collection this is developed via game-loft Bucharest.


The primary war in Modern Combat 5 apk is much like the 4 previous video games within the series. The player can shoot, crouch, dash, throw grenades, intention, reload their weapons, soar to boundaries, knife enemies, change/select up weapons, and use skills supported by way of the equipped class. A brand new key characteristic to trendy Modern Combat 5 apk is the capability to choose a soldier and fasten lessons starting from assault, heavy, sniper, recon, help, bounty hunter, sapper, x-1 morph, and the commander (every of which has its own specific perks and weapons), although a player’s magnificence does no longer save you the participant from selecting up special training’ guns in-sport excepting the commander magnificence (as an instance, a sniper class player can still choose up attack rifles).

The campaign specializes in phoenix (a minor man or woman in modern combat 4) trying to search out saunders (a helping person in current combat four). Every challenge is ready 5 mins lengthy, exceedingly shorter than preceding entries inside the series. As you play in a positive class and acquire a “weapon rating”, you release new guns and attachments to use in both the campaign and multiplayer. Modern Combat 5 apk is the primary modern-day combat game inside the series to use drm and calls for a regular internet connection to play (a web connection is required for the marketing campaign as well as multiplayer).

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The multiplayer of present day combat 5 is the same as maximum fps multiplayer, specially basing gameplay off pvp matches. The guns deliver over from marketing campaign (not like in modern-day fight 4). The sport capabilities 7 distinctive maps. 4 are based on locations from the campaign, two return from previous modern-day fight games, and one, called vantage, is a completely new map introduced in an update. The map named overtime has been eliminated and a brand new map known as conversion has been brought. Gamers can also form “squads”, a characteristic new to the present day fight collection. Any other new feature is non-public chat, which allows chat among squad individuals.

Currently there are 7 modes: free for all, team war, vip, seize the flag, rush, region control and load. Maps encompass: canals, set in venice; creation website, set on a construction website; streets, based on a marketplace location in japan; overtime, set interior at an workplace block (a map imported from modern fight four: zero hour); scramble, set in a navy storage/hangar location; and rooftops, the smallest map, based on a huge rectangular room with stairs main up to the roof of a building with several rooftop generators and an multiplied platform this is the roof of the room. A more recent map, vantage, is considered one of the most important maps in the sport and functions numerous homes and open areas arranged around a wide street. The 1.Eight patch introduced in some other new map, referred to as conversion, which features an deserted warehouse with a massive radioactive reactor in the middle. Extra features led to an overhaul of the league device, and network-requested “custom lobbys” have been introduced.

Modern Combat 5 apk Game modes

  • Free for all: a conventional loose-for-all mode in which the goal is to remove all combatants. The first player to attain the rating restrict wins the fit.
  • Vip: to score factors, you need to kill the enemy group’s vip, whilst seeking to shield your very own. Vips can score bonus points with the aid of getting kills.
  • Squad war: join your squadmates in a fight against an opposing group. Here you’re capable of get on the world’s top one hundred squads.
  • Capture the flag (c.T.F.): discover, scouse borrow and produce the enemy flag lower back to your base to attain a point. The primary group to attain the score restriction wins the healthy.
  • Quarter manipulate (brought in v1.2.Zero): seize and keep the flags at the map to attain points. The primary group to reach one hundred points wins the fit.
  • Crew struggle: group-based in shape in which the intention is to take away participants of an opposing crew. The primary group to reach the score limit wins the match.
  • Rush mode (added in v.2.1.Zero): an goal-based totally mode that has 2 objectives to your crew: (ex. Retrieving the relay, and many others.). To win, kill all of the enemy crew till no one is left, or retrieving the relay. Earlier than the beginning, you could buy some electricity-u.S.A.Or unit by way of using the brand new foreign money (intel) after 15 seconds.
  • Cargo (introduced in v.2.Five.Zero): escort the cargo to its final vacation spot factor, or stop your combatants from reaching the equal feat. Your crew wins in case you push the shipment similarly than the competition or if you deliver it to the vacation spot faster.
  • Duels (brought in): a five-round 1v1 or 2v2 crew-based totally fit where the purpose is to put off opposing players. The primary crew to reach five points wins the fit.
  • Excessive roller duels you may place a bet and start a five-round 1v1 fit wherein the aim is to take away your opponent. The primary player to reach 5 points wins the wager.

Present day Modern Combat 5 apk presents you each single player missions and multi-player combats. Download apk of Modern Combat 5 apk and begin exploring the arena challenges. Get specific costumes for your squad to make your presence within the battlefield specific.

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